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Earn competitive yields without lifting a finger

OUSD enables both sophisticated DeFi experts and novice users to passively earn compelling returns across three strategies.

Increasing yieldIncreasing yieldIncreasing yield

The OUSD smart contract pools capital from all stablecoin depositors, then routes capital to a diversified set of yield-earning strategies. Earnings are automatically converted to OUSD and deposited into your wallet.

Lending fees
Trading fees
Liquidity mining rewards
Lending Fees
AMM Trading Fees
Liquidity Mining Rewards
Origin rewards tokensPlus, earn governance privileges and incentives when you contribute to the protocol.
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Lending fees

Lending Fees

We will route your USDT, USDC, and DAI to proven lending protocols to achieve optimal ROI on your capital.
Rebalancing occurs often, factoring in lending rates, rewards tokens, and diversification.
Lending fees

Automated Market Maker Trading Fees

Origin will supply stablecoin liquidity to Uniswap and other automated market makers to earn trading fees.
Impermanent loss is minimized while LP fees and rewards are maximized.
Liquidity Mining Rewards

Liquidity Mining Rewards

COMP, BAL, CRV, and other rewards tokens will be accrued and converted to stablecoins for additional yield.
Receive all your yield in OUSD automatically. There's no need to actively manage your DeFi portfolio.

OUSD compounds continuously

Achieve financial security and create wealth faster than ever before.
Growth of $10,000 over 2 years
Compounding graphCompounding graph
Start earning with OUSD in just a few minutes