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On October 10th, 2022 at 0:00UTC all unclaimed tokens from the OGV airdrop will be burned forever.
Countdown to burn
Estimated burn amount (currently unclaimed OGV)


0.00% of initial supply

The OGV airdrop
As of July 12th, over 40,000 OGN holders and all OUSD holders became eligible to claim OGV, the new governance token for Origin Dollar. OGV accrues staking rewards, fees, and voting power when staked for one month or longer. The claim period for this airdrop runs for 90 days, after which all remaining tokens held in the distributor contracts will be burned. Centralized exchanges will be instructed to burn additional unclaimed tokens held in their accounts. Additional supply reductions occur through periodic automated buybacks funded by yield from OUSD.
Airdrop allocation stats
Airdrop total
1,450,000,000 OGV
Purple dotOGN holders
1,000,000,000 OGV
Purple dotOUSD holders
450,000,000 OGV
Claim stats
Tokens claimed
0.00 OGV (0.00%)*
OGN holders
0.00 OGV
OUSD holders
0.00 OGV
Staking stats
Total staked
0.00 OGV
Percentage staked
0.00% APY
* 306,217,404 OGV were sent to exchanges whose customers were eligible for the airdrop. These exchanges are expected to burn any unclaimed tokens at the end of the claim period.