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WavesOUSD coin

The first stablecoin that earns a yield while it’s still in your wallet

Currently earning
0.00% APY
Based on a trailing 30-day calculation

Convert your USDT, USDC, and DAI to OUSD to start earning yields immediately

Three tokens become one

All the earnings, none of the hassles

DeFi yields are automatically converted to OUSD and accrue in your wallet. Your OUSD balance compounds multiple times per day. No staking or lock-ups are required.


Spend your OUSD with ease

There's no need to unwind complicated positions when you want to spend your OUSD. Transfer OUSD without having to unstake or unlock capital.


Elastic supply, stable price

OUSD is pegged to the US Dollar. Returns are distributed as additional units of OUSD. Supply rebasing happens multiple times per day. See your OUSD grow much faster than your USD grows in traditional savings accounts.

OUSD coin

1:1 backed by other stablecoins

OUSD is secured by other proven stablecoins like USDT, USDC, and DAI. Capital is further insured by governance tokens issued by platforms like Aave and MakerDAO.


Automated yield farming

Automated strategies in transparent OUSD smart contracts manage your funds. See exactly how your money is being put to work.


You always have full control

Store and earn OUSD with non-custodial Ethereum wallets. Enter and exit OUSD whenever you want. There's no minimum holding period or minimum OUSD amount required to earn yields.


Backed by optional insurance

Protect your OUSD holdings with smart contract insurance. Optional coverage is provided by Nexus Mutual.

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Created by cryptocurrency and fintech veterans

The Origin Dollar is brought to you by the team at Origin Protocol, which includes serial entrepreneurs, early cryptocurrency investors, early employees at YouTube, engineering managers at Google/Dropbox, and one of the original Paypal co-founders.

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The perfect stablecoin for both spending and saving
Savings icon
Beat traditional savings and money markets

At an estimated APY of 0.00%, OUSD earnings trounce traditional financial instruments.

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Instantaneous peer-to-peer transfers

Send OUSD to pay your friends and family instead of using Venmo or Paypal. They’ll earn yield immediately.

Remittances icon
Remittances without fees

Need to send money to China or the Philippines? Your recipients get OUSD without losing the average of 6.7% on fees.

Value icon
A superior store of value

OUSD is an ideal store of value for users in countries with hyperinflationary economies like Venezuela and Argentina.

Use case icon
DeFi meets decentralized commerce

OUSD will be accepted by hundreds of sellers on the Origin Dshop network and peer-to-peer marketplace.

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A better unit of account

Easily track your DeFi earnings without complicated spreadsheets and custom dashboards.